Event agency : All about Maroc Newcom's event agency

Events are becoming more and more numerous these days and it has to be said that organizing an event is no easy task. Seminars, product launches and workshops cannot be organized on a whim. It takes time to plan and put everything in place for a successful event. In this article we will talk about an event agency based in Morocco.


Nowadays, you don't need to waste your time on details to make your product launch successful. The implementation and total success of the events are done by the agencies. These agencies offer you their organization service, they help you in some way to make your event successful. This article will give you some information from an important source about the Newcon agency. There are several event agencies in each country. You have the choice of paying for the services of an agency according to its previous services. As for Morocco, it has an event agency called Newcon which deals with all types of events. It is among the best event organisers in Marrakech and Casablanca. They have more than 14 years of experience in organizing events in Morocco. Newcon will make sure to help you achieve your goal for your product launch or other event. Moreover, as far as public events are concerned, Newcon takes care of the technical and human management. It provides you with the sound system and everything that goes with it to make the event a success.

Catering and product launches

When it comes to ceremonies, the Newcon agency makes it easy for you. It takes care of the preparation of meals, the service of the guests without forgetting the cocktails. All Newcon asks is that you trust them. It should be added that these services are not limited to Marrakech, but in all cities of Morocco. Finally, if you want to launch one of your products, do not hesitate to consult Newcon. The agency offers you some advice on the marketing strategy that you should put in place.