Simple actions that will allow your company to reduce its ecological impact

Can the company reduce its environmental impact ? Pollution has reached such a threshold that actions are essential for the protection of the environment. In the professional context, you can propose to your employees to limit and reduce their environmental impact on a daily basis in order to improve their social / working environment. Indeed, everyone can easily adopt an eco-responsible behavior in their workplace. In this sense, here are simple actions to easily reduce its impact and effects on the planet.

Reduce waste with new resolutions

With 350 million tons of waste per year, it's time to change your habits. For that, you can visit their website. 85% of multimedia devices can be repaired and start a new life cycle. Among the concrete actions that can be implemented, plastic cups can be cleverly replaced by paper versions that can be recycled. In terms of energy, low-energy luminaires represent an evolution to be considered. In the office, paper represents 75% of waste. Each employee consumes an average of 77 kg of paper per month, while 25% of documents are thrown away 5 minutes after they are printed. Turning these papers into drafts and avoiding throwing them away would be a more responsible attitude. Efforts can also be made by limiting impressions. The use of dematerialized invoices precisely avoids the use of paper. To empower employees, software that requires badgers to retrieve their impressions makes them aware of their habits.

Sort your waste and develop an eco-responsible design

After making efforts to reduce waste, sorting has its place in a company to optimize its recycling. In this way, most materials can be recycled. The installation of specific bins in each department as well as in the break room helps to develop the right reflexes. Rethinking distribution channels, packaging tons and waste treatment channels is part of the eco-design stages. Each company can therefore concentrate on the progress to be made in the field. It can also bet on taking over all of its processes to embark on a more ecological approach. Marketing can, for example, redistribute the cards using eco-responsible packaging or ecological advertising.