What do you need to know about a job interview?


Before accepting a job in a company, you will have to go to a job interview. What should a beginner know about an interview? This is what we will find out in the following article.

Turnarounds in a job interview

Defining your personal and professional goals is the first step in preparing for the interview. For more info, you can read this blog. You should expect the recruiter to ask you these questions and you should formulate them clearly and honestly. A clear motivation will highlight your skills and strengths, while emphasising your personal and professional development and the fact that your expectations are in the best interest of the organisation. 

Prepare an introduction to the interview

The first few minutes are crucial in a job interview and it is important to make a good impression right away to attract the recruiter's attention and interest. In the introduction the candidate should introduce himself/herself by name and age, but above all give a brief overview of his/her background and experience. During the presentation process the recruiter tries to get to know the profile and personality of the candidate. It is therefore advisable to take a more personal approach and to highlight the particularities of the person in order to impress the recruiter. 

Anticipating future problems

The candidate's speech sets the tone of the interview and the recruiter can use it to identify the elements to be developed. It should therefore be written in a clear and logical way to better convince the recruiter. By preparing the presentation, the candidate will be better able to conduct the interview by highlighting the key elements of his/her experience and using them to his/her advantage. Candidates should have a clear idea of their skills and potential, and the development opportunities offered by the job. They should be able to demonstrate their motivation and ambition for the new organisation.