What is the origin of the Tongue Drum?

The Tongue Drum is a musical instrument that has captivated thousands of people around the world for years since its creation. Indeed, the sounds it emits produce an enveloping and magical atmosphere, while making the listener very relaxed, calm and comfortable. But what is its origin? Find out in this content.

What is the history of the Tongue Drum?

Unlike Handpan, the Tongue Drum is one of the oldest instruments currently known. Its existence dates back thousands of years, when some African tribes made them from empty natural objects. Like tree trunks, and got different shades depending on the shape and how they were struck. Since then, this instrument has come a long way, becoming essentially high-quality steel reed drums. For more information, click hang drum for sale
Learning to play this musical instrument is not too complicated, especially for people who already play other instruments or who have a certain predisposition for it. It is usually learned in a short time, as it has only eight tones. 
It is therefore an excellent drum for all those who want to take a step in the world of percussion instruments. It is also used in yoga classes, as it helps to relax the mind and body with its relaxing sounds and harmonic melodies. .

What are the differences between Tongue Drum and Hang Drum?

There are multiple differences between the two beyond their size, depending on different factors such as: 
Percussion: It has cut percussion areas, while hang drum has bumps and distortions. 
Size: It has a diameter of only 30 centimetres, as well as 15 centimetres in height, while the diameter of the suspension drum reaches 60 centimetres. 
The consistency: The hang drum is much more fragile, due to the light composite materials with which it was designed, since its percussion zones are bumpy.