Covid-19: the world’s economy in loss of more than 10 000 million $

The corona virus continues to put the world’s economy in danger so that the estimation of what the ruin is around 10 000 billion $ guessed by the World’s Bank.

Covid-19, the incomparable bad economic crisis in the world’s history

In general, the events which appeared in the history of the world and its economy, have therefore caused quantitatively a huge doom for the economy concerning also countries. For the first time, covid-19 is categorised as the only one causing more loss of wealth to the world. So by evaluation of ruin by Global Bank, it is noted that more than 10 000 billions of dollars are the wealthy the world is losing since the apparition of the virus in 2019 in China’s country. Secondly, apart from the global economic crisis of 1929 and the one occurred just after the world war l, the crisis that the world is facing due to corona virus has never been registered. Unfortunately, the ruin of economy is also the only one since the world exists. Thirdly, covid-19 is spread in the whole world and impacted negatively all sectors of activities, the financial domains and the richest people in investments are empty of wealth because the sanitary measures hurdled affairs giving money to them.

Impacted sectors according to the conclusion of Global Bank

All the time, Global Bank and International Monetary Fund are working for the virus stopping. Despite this main vision which should help to preserve global economy, they are spending more money to keep people and countries safely. Then, they take into account the educational sector seriously, the transportation, economic one. On the globe s surface, America, Caribbean, Asiatic countries and the nations of Europe are more touched by the virus and their PIB decreased. Considerably. In addition, the societal life is facing challenges. Not only is the domain of heath concerned but also the world of business and affairs are crippled. Anyhow the Global Bank and many other organisations in each country are working, constantly fighting to end up this virus and to restore the normal situation of the world.

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