How do I create a LinkedIn account?

With a rapid growth and many members, LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks in the world. Its objective is to connect professionals from all over the world in order to make them more productive and appropriate. But how to create such an account on its software. The answer in this article.

Put a cover and profile picture on LinkedIn

There are many procedures to consider when creating a LinkedIn account. For more details, check this reference. To do this, it is important to go through Google by typing in the search bar the name LinkedIn and then identify yourself by following the steps there.  
Indeed, a profile photo can generate many views. The photo is an important step that allows you to create more reliability on professional social networks including LinkedIn. For this, you must put a professional photo with an expression that provides confidence and sympathy. This photo must be between a size of 450×450 pixels. Therefore, it is not possible to use a company logo or vacation photos and even selfies. So the best option is to opt for the same photos on all your professional social media such as Facebook,Twitter, Messenger and Telegram so that your personal brand is unique. 
As for the cover photo, you have a space at the top of your profile page to facilitate communication with a very large image. This is a way to reflect a slogan about your products or services. This picture is usually 1584 x 396 pixels in size.

Fill in your email address and the professional title of your profile

The profile title is the line that appears below your first and last name. This line translates your professional identity on the whole LinkedIn network but especially in Google search results. Thus, it must be very precise and placed in accordance with the "Persona" theme by indicating a well-targeted issue with the inclusion of the benefits of the product or service you offer. 
Your contact information must be recorded to increase the validity of your profile. It is therefore important to complete your profile by filling in the other boxes that appear. 
Now that you know the steps to create a LinkedIn account, you can easily do it yourself or teach it to others.